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Digital Listening Increases in Switzerland

Forty-five percent of all radio listening is now digital; a little more than half of that is DAB+, says study

A new study on digital radio listening (via a DAB+ receiver, Internet radio, computer, tablet, smartphone or TV) in Switzerland was released in August by the Digital Migration working group.

Initial findings show that 45 percent of all radio listening is now digital; of that it says a little more than half is DAB+, totaling to about 25 percent of all radio listening. This increase in the amount of DAB+ listeners comes five years ahead of the planned transition from analog to DAB+ in Switzerland.

Other findings of the study reveal that digital radio listening is lowest in Italian-speaking Switzerland; German and French-speaking Switzerland are about equal. It is also shown that young people are more likely to listen to digital radio, mainly as a result of higher listening via the Internet.

And while more than a quarter of radio listening at home and at work is now done through DAB+, analog channels are still the most popular while driving.

The survey polled about 2,400 individuals across all of Switzerland. Future surveys will be conducted twice a year leading up to the 2020 switch to DAB+.