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Digital Media Use Varies by Format

Digital Media Use Varies by Format

Bridge Ratings says digital media options affect radio formats differently.
“We saw in this study that traditional radio listening benefits from some digital media alternatives,” stated President Dave Van Dyke. “Peer-to-peer file trading, podcasting and MP3 player use can cause increased time spent listening to traditional radio depending on format, while satellite radio and Internet radio can cause reduced listening to conventional radio.”
He said participants were asked if the time they spend with a particular activity caused them to listen to more, less or the same amount of terrestrial radio.
Van Dyke said traditional radio can benefit from some competitive media but that some individual formats are hurt more than others.
Rock and contemporary hit listeners tend to spend more time with their MP3 players than they do with traditional radio, while P2P use by P1 listeners of adult hits and alternative enhances time spent with radio.