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Digital Radio Austria Makes Case for DAB+

Austrian lobbyists push to join other European countries heading toward digital

In an effort to push Austria’s broadcast radio to convert to DAB+, Digitalradio Österreich (Digital Radio Austria) is making the case that the format goes beyond its obvious implications. “DAB+ is not technological, but a media, transport and security issue,” claims Wolfgang Struber, vice chairman of Digital Radio Austria.

“Radio is the last broadcasting format in Austria to convert to digital, and Digital Radio Austria wants to follow the trend set by some other European countries to make the switch to DAB+,” he said, citing technical, economic, environmental, and media policy benefits. Examples provided include the Emergency Warning functionality, TPEG for traffic and travel-related information, disaster relief and civil protection services.

“A contemporary, future proof, national broadcasting infrastructure is systematically important for a democracy,” says Struber.

Struber concludes: “The media policy and the legislature are required for the positive development of the radio ecosystem. Here we need a legislative statement of intent, which paves the way for the establishment of digital radio DAB+ in Austria. For the benefit of the economy, the media and the general public.”