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“Digital Radio” Will Grow 23%, eMarketer Says

Research firm estimate parallels that of RAB

Digital radio ad spending in the U.S. will increase about 23% this year, totaling $2.04 billion, according to an estimate from eMarketer.

The company’s definition of “digital radio” includes digital broadcasts of terrestrial radio stations, online-only stations and audio podcasts via any device.

“Digital radio ad spending increased 26.3% in 2013 to reach $1.65 billion,” the company stated. “The market will increase another 23.2% in 2014, totaling $2.04 billion.” (The Radio Advertising Bureau came up with a similar number recently though it defines “digital radio” differently.)

EMarketer believes on-air radio ad spending, by comparison, declined a tad in 2013 and will grow about 1.7% in 2014, to about $15.47 billion.

The company also took note of news that Pandora plans to stop releasing monthly audience metrics. It took the opportunity to report an estimate that Pandora net ad revenues worldwide increased 44.5% in 2013, and will grow 40% in 2014.