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Disney Goes FM on HD Radio Ad Net

Hear KCYE HD2 at iBiquity Digital booth

Radio Disney will air on up to 60 designated HD2/HD3 stations airing on the HD Radio Ad Network. We recently reported that iBiquity Digital has invited more broadcasters to join the network.

“By working with iBiquity Digital, we expand our distribution footprint onto the FM dial and become more accessible,” to families, said Eric Goldstein, vice president, Distribution and Consumer Engagement, Radio Disney.

The HD Radio Ad Network is an aggregated network of HD2/HD3 stations owned and operated by radio broadcasters like CBS Radio, Hubbard and Greater Media. The network started in 2014 and iBiquity says the audience for those ads is growing, mostly due to the proliferation of HD Radio tuners in new cars combined with those already on the road, which now totals more than 25 million.

Advertising sales on Radio Disney HD2/HD3 stations is managed by iBiquity’s HD Radio Ad Network ad sales team, based in New York City. Collaborative selling between Radio Disney and the network will also occur, according to both companies.

The HD Radio Ad Network will be on display and feature live Radio Disney broadcasting via KCYE(FM), Las Vegas on 102.7 – HD2 at the NAB convention at the HD Radio booth, C545; the station can also be heard on HD Radio receivers.