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Distributary Digital Courier Creates Virus-Free Delivery

Distributary Digital Courier Creates Virus-Free Delivery

Electric Works Corp. is offering Distributary Digital Courier, an application for one-to-many file posting and delivery. It does not use files in e-mail and is free of viruses and attachments.
According to General Manager Adrian Charlton, the system will help broadcast production or traffic employees trying to send large file updates via e-mail, or support staff helping a customer retrieve a file set from FTP using conventional methods.
Companies can create a low-cost automated file delivery network using UpStream file senders and DownStream file receivers. Any site can send and receive packages simultaneously, or the site may be dedicated to receive-only.
Electric Works said the user can deliver new or updated files to unattended member sites or groups of sites. Distributary software uses standard PCs with an Internet connection (including 28k dial-up) and does not require dedicated hardware.
A user can package, encrypt, compress and send a directory of large files for automatic delivery in less than a minute, he said.
For a limited time, the R100 DownStream receive-only version is being registered without charge.
Paul J. McLane