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dMarc Pushes Data Services in Wake of Scott Purchase

dMarc Pushes Data Services in Wake of Scott Purchase

dMarc Broadcasting wants to see U.S. radio get much deeper into data and RDS services.
The company, which has recently announced the purchase of automation suppliers Scott Studios and Computer Concepts, followed up that news with an announcement of a “sweeping Progressive Radio Data Services Initiative to advance the deployment and utilization of analog (RDS) and digital (HD Radio) data services within the terrestrial radio broadcast industry.”
The company said it will provide free software and service upgrade to its automation clients to enable data services support.
“These software and service modules will enable each of its station clients to seamlessly support and manage the dynamic and automated scheduling, delivery, and reporting of data services, through both analog RDS and digital HD Radio (PAD) protocols, including dynamic text broadcasting (dynamic PS), song and artist identification, traffic, weather alerts and more,” it stated.
The company also won an endorsement from Bob Struble, CEO of Ibiquity Digital, who called the initiative “a significant commitment” to HD Radio data services that will let broadcasters integrate text-based data services into RDS and HD Radio programming and will lay a foundation for future digital applications.
Customers of Scott, Computer Concepts Maestro and DCS automation will get a software license and service account for the supplier’s dRDS service.
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