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DMB Demonstrated in Canada

DMB Demonstrated in Canada

CBC held the first Digital Multimedia Broadcast demonstration in Canada with the collaboration of Pixtree Technologies, RadioScape and Société Radio Numérique. DMB is a new standard proposed by South Korea that is compatible with DAB, the Eurkea-147 technology for digital radio.
The demonstration showed a 320×240 video encode/decode using Pixtree DMB technologies over a DAB network using RadioScape’s IP Gateway and ensemble multiplexer. According to SRN, the groups are considering a trial in Canada that would show DMB potential to the local broadcasters and consumers.
SRN is integrating the DMB encoder suite to its datacasting framework, SERVO while integrating the DMB decoder to its multimedia channel application suited for cell phones and PDAs. SRN is offering “IP over DAB” technology to broadcasters, giving them the opportunity to air multimedia channels.
Proponents say DMB is an additional service to be offered by broadcasters; these new services will allow users to receive live video on mobile units such as PDAs and cell phones.