Do You Have Your OPIF Passcode?

If you don’t, you’re going to need it soon
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The FCC’s beta Online Public Inspection File website has been available since May 12, as we reported earlier, and “now is the time to get the hang of it,” Fletcher Heald and Hildreth lawyers advise in a CommLawBlog post.

FHH also noted a hiccup discovered during attempts to test the beta system. Now the attorneys posted a helpful update for radio stations and others who need to acquire passcode(s) to log in to try the FCC’s system.

“At the main login screen for the test OPIF system, if you do not already have a passcode, click on the ‘Sign in to Owner Dashboard’ link immediately below the login blanks. That will take you to the ‘Owners Sign In’ page. There you will need the licensee’s FRN and FRN password,” according to the FHH blog.

At this point, after entering the FRN and passsword and signing in, users should see all stations associated with that particular FRN, as well as each station’s facility ID number and the FCC-assigned alphanumeric and case senstive passcode. Once you have the passcode, go back to the main login page and sign in using the facility ID number and passcode.

Although the FCC test site will only be available through June 24, it offers a good opportunity for radio broadcasters to practice the new system’s requirements.


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