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Do You Know an Innovator? Salute Them!

Honoring difference-makers in TV/video technology, radio/audio technology, content production/delivery and government video

NewBay, parent of Radio World, has announced the first annual NewBay Industry Innovator Awards, honoring people who make a difference in TV/video technology, streaming, radio/audio technology, content production/delivery and government video.

Everybody knows someone who innovates in the fields of video, TV, radio or audio technology and whose role deserves more appreciation. Perhaps it’s a director of engineering, a manufacturing product designer, a consultant or technical researcher … it could be a videographer, a producer, an editor or filmmaker … anyone on the cutting edge of great content — your customer, your employee, your boss!

Here’s your chance to herald innovators in your industry and shine a spotlight on them.

Nominations are accepted by each publication in the Broadcast/Video Group of NewBay Media, including TV Technology, Radio World, Digital Video, Radio magazine, Video Edge and Government Video. Anyone may nominate an individual for one or more publication awards, by filling out an online nomination and paying an entry fee.

Winners will be featured in the publications listed above and receive an award. All nominees will be saluted in a special Innovators’ Gallery publication. So whether they are chosen as winners or not, each colleague is honored publicly for their work, with a profile and photo that lets you tell their story of innovation.

To nominate or learn more, visit the FAQ and nominating page.