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Does Radio Get ‘Screwed’ on Madison Ave.?

Jacobs Media offers a suggestion for RAB to correct ad agency misimpressions

In a pair of Jacobs Media/JacApps blog entries this week, “Why Radio Gets Screwed” and “Why Radio Gets Screwed, Part II,” the broadcast consultancy and app developer ruminates on a recent study which determined, amongst many things, that ad agency honchos in New York might not be totally attuned to the typical radio listener; therefore they may not be completely understanding of everything that radio offers and how best to match advertisers with radio listeners.

To put it bluntly, “Media buyers are, in fact, not like real people.”

One particular fact stands out readily: “In fact, while only 42% of these Madison Avenue mavens listened to radio during the daylong test period, 80% of consumers spent time with AM or FM stations during the same period.”

In a humble offering of a solution, JacApps suggests that the Radio Advertising Bureau hand out tablets with radio station apps on them “to every key player in the advertising industry — buyers, planners, account supervisors, and even principles.”

The blog explains, “Showing that radio belongs on the hottest devices of our time, and that the industry is leaning forward when it comes to embracing mobileshould be Job One.” And that “Radio is making the transition to digital, mobile and social platforms, and that’s worthy of their attention.”

Ponder on your own.

Why Radio Gets Screwed

Why Radio Gets Screwed, Part II

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