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Does Saying ‘iPod Shuffle’ Drive Listeners Away?

Does Saying ‘iPod Shuffle’ Drive Listeners Away?

Is it a good idea for radio stations to refer to iPods on-air? Or do those mentions just drive listeners to a competing technology?
Bridge Ratings wanted to find out given the proliferation of “JACK”-like formats and their jocks’ references to iPods “on shuffle.” In a survey of more than 2,000 persons, the audience research firms finds that 96% of respondents did not change their listening behavior because they heard the mention of iPod or shuffle on-air.
Thirteen percent of 18-34 respondents were aware their stations were referring to iPods on the air; 1% said the mentions cause them to listen less to the station.
Bridge says the findings suggest “There is no negative in broadcasters imaging their stations alongside the perceived listening benefits of the iPod.”