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Donald Plunkett of AES Is Remembered

Donald Plunkett of AES Is Remembered

Also passing away this week was Donald Plunkett, the former executive director and president of the Audio Engineering Society. He was 81.
According to biographical material provided by AES, “As a young man, Plunkett came across a Columbia Graphaphone Cylinder Recording Reproducing machine in his grandparent’s attic, and thus began a life-long love affair with recording. His career highlights include working at NBC, Capitol Records, Fairchild Recording Equipment and with other professional audio pioneers such as Emory Cook, in both equipment manufacture and operation.”
AES said Plunkett was involved in the early independent record market when a 78 rpm lacquer disk was considered high-tech.
“In January 1948, Plunkett met Norman Pickering and Ted Lindenberg who were part of the organizing committee for the Audio Engineering Society. He became a member of the committee and was involved in the formation of the Society in February 1948.”
After being named executive director in 1974, “he was responsible for the expansion of membership into Europe and the implementation and stability of AES conventions in several parts of the world.”