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‘Don’t Panic’: Ten PPM Rules to Live By

PPM is the byword for radio programmers these days.

PPM is the byword for radio programmers these days.

Paragon Media Strategies has set out what it calls 10 important rules for radio in the PPM era that began with Arbitron’s rollout of the monitoring technology.

Paragon advises radio programmers that, with PPM, the value of core listeners seems to be greater to a station’s final ratings. “However, a balance of core and cume audiences is still required. Don’t over-focus on either core or cume, but create a compelling mix of content for your entire listening audience.”

Also, dial position, more than ever, is key to marketing and positioning, Paragon advised.

“Don’t play ‘rubber clock’ games,” the company also said. “The meter captures real-time listening, and knows it is 12:03 and not 12:10. Throw away anything and everything you did previously that tried to ‘trick’ the listener into recording more listening to your station in the diary.”

And don’t panic, it advises.

“The frenzy to lean on early PPM results is disconcerting, and potentially problematic. Over-reacting to early data is potentially worse than not reacting at all.”