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Don’t Tell the FCC ‘I’m Too Small’

Don’t Tell the FCC ‘I’m Too Small’

The FCC is focusing more on stations with patterns of violations. It’s increasing its follow-up after notifying a given station that its plant is out of compliance, and stepping up enforcement action of RF radiation rules.
FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief David Solomon told the commission proposed more than 1,500 fines last year.
The major violations the agency sees are in tower rules, EAS, the main studio rule, lack of candor and pirate radio.
Solomon ticked off a list of things broadcasters say to try to avoid being fined:
“I’m too small.”
“I’m too big.”
“We have a great format.”
These excuses don’t work, he said.
Solomon also said that stations are expected to inform the FCC a problem is fixed. Better would be to come into compliance before the FCC inspects the station, he said.

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