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Doug Stephan Gets Inventive

“Good Day” cross-pollinates with “My Cool Inventions”

Doug Stephan, host of the nationally-syndicated “Doug Stephan’s Good Day” morning program, is experimenting. Staring June 2, he’ll be joining the “My Cool Inventions” program for an hour each day. The real catch is that he’ll be joining the program while “Good Day” is still going on — during the 9–10 a.m. ET hour.

“My Cool Invention,” syndicated by America’s Talk Radio Network, airs from 9–11 a.m. and focuses inventing and entrepreneurship.

The self-syndicating Stephan said, “Being entrepreneurs, we’re very pleased to be able to provide a substantial platform for these new inventors. Our listeners get to interact in a special way by not only witnessing the process of creation to execution, but getting to voice their opinion as well by voting.”