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Doug Vernier Honored by APRE

V-Soft’s owner is 2011 APRE Engineering Award Recipient

The Association of Public Radio Engineers announced the winner of its 2011 Engineering Achievement Award; it’s Doug Vernier, CEO of Doug Vernier Telecommunication Consultants, and president and owner of V-Soft Communications LLC.

The award is presented annually for meritorious service to public radio engineering.

In addition to consulting and founding a propagation software company, Vernier has written several technical articles for broadcast publications and is a frequent technical conference speaker. While his work has not been limited to public radio, that sector of broadcasting has been a major beneficiary of his work and talents, the APRE said.

Vernier has served on the board of directors for National Public Radio, as president of Public Radio in Mid-America, as a member and consultant for CPB’s Radio Development Advisory Committee, and as a founding board member of the Association of Public Radio Engineers. He has held several other national, regional, state, and local offices relating to public broadcasting.

“Doug’s career validates the notion that innovative engineering problem-solving can rarely take place in a single dimension,” according to his nomination form.

“Sometimes, to be a successful broadcast engineer, requires the vision of a philosopher, the talent of a skilled diplomat, the ability of a successful fundraiser and the presentation skills of a song and dance man. Doug brings all of these talents, and more, to the table.”

Last year’s honorees were Mike Pappas of KUVO(FM), Denver and the late Jim McEachern of NPR. Other past honorees include Roger Karwoski, assistant manager and director of engineering for KBIA(FM), Columbia, Mo.; Donald Creighton, vice president of technology for Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media; Richard Cassidy, director of IT and new media for WAMU(FM), Washington; and the late Wayne Hetrich, one of NPR’s 30 original employees.

Also: Chuck Leavens, director of engineering and information technology management for WDUQ(FM), Pittsburgh; Marty Bloss, former director of technology at NPR; Don Danko, vice president for engineering, Cincinnati Public Radio; and John Kean of NPR Labs, part of NPR Distribution’s Technology Research Center.

The award will be presented at the annual APRE/PREC Engineering Awards Dinner on April 8.

— Leslie Stimson

The Looming Danger of Digital Host Interference” (by Doug Vernier, March 2009)