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Drake-Chenault Recalled on New Web Site

Drake-Chenault Recalled on New Web Site

If the recent history of radio programming turns you on, you’ll get a kick out of The site is sponsored by Henry Engineering. Its owner, Hank Landsberg, was director of engineering for Drake-Chenault.
“Former D-C staffers explain ‘how we did it,’ with lots of photos and detail,” he said. The site will appeal to those for whom “radio nostalgia” means tape-based automation, current reels, jingles and time-announce carts. Drake-Chenault at one time supplied more than 1,000 automation format tapes weekly to 300 stations. The company, as Landsberg knew it, was sold in 1986. His Web site includes contributions from writer/producer Gary Theroux and programmer Lee Bayley. It includes a list of e-mail addresses for former staffers. Hosting is courtesy of