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DRM Gets ETSI Approval for Enhancement

Changes include surround sound and frequency expansion

After field trials and lab tests, the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) digital radio system received a boost recently, acceptance by the European Standards Organization (ETSI) of an enhancement to the system. The revision, 3.1.1 is to be called DRM+.

Improvements include extension up to 174 MHz and support for MPEG surround sound.

Ruxandra Obreja, chairperson of DRM and controller for business development at the BBC, said: “This makes the DRM system complete and it offers broadcasters a total digital solution in all bands – LW, SW, MW, [VHF] band I and band II (the FM band).”

Obreja continued: “DRM+ will make radio sound its best ever with features such as CD-quality audio and surround sound effects. DRM is already the best digital solution for long-distance broadcasting on broadcast frequencies below 30 MHz. And now local and regional broadcasting will get the same digital radio benefits with adoption of the extended DRM standard for broadcast frequencies above 30 MHz.”