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DRM Symposium Scheduled at ABU 2002, on Oct. 31

DRM Symposium Scheduled at ABU 2002, on Oct. 31

Digital Radio Mondiale, the digital AM system for the broadcasting bands below 30 MHz, will present a half-day symposium as part of the ABU Engineering Committee Meeting in Tokyo, on Oct. 31. The presentation will outline the DRM system’s advantages for Asian broadcasters and companies, and will report on DRM’s progress including universal standardization, equipment development and worldwide membership. Speakers will include Peter Gordon, program manager, digitalization at VT Merlin Communications; Dietmar Schill, senior engineer and project manager, DRM at Sony International Europe; Horst Scholz, director, transmission management at Deutsche Welle and Siriol Evans, director, press & communications at DRM.
“We are looking forward to hearing the latest developments from DRM as part of this year’s ABU Engineering Committee meeting,” says Wayne Heads, technical director at ABU. “The symposium will provide Asian broadcasters with first-hand knowledge of the system at a time when DRM’s 2003 launch is fast approaching.”