DRM Tests Slated for Bangkok

DRM Tests Slated for Bangkok
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The Digital Radio Mondiale technology will be tested in Thailand.
Month-long tests of the digital technology are to begin Monday, May 10, in Bangkok.
These tests are for medium-wave/AM transmissions. Several entities are taking part, including Harris, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand.
Thailand's Permanent Secretary Pol. Maj. Yongyuth Sarasombath will inaugurate the project at NBT's Radio Thailand Studio Complex.
“The principal objectives of the project are to set up a showcase installation of a medium-wave transmitter operating digital services on its regular frequency, and to expose the installation to ABU broadcasters in the region,” said Wayne Heads, director of the ABU Technical Department.
Harris will convert NBT's analog AM radio transmitter to incorporate DRM broadcasts. The Bangkok collaboration includes a digital radio transmission workshop for engineers, receiver manufacturers and others.


Construction Begins for DRM Alaska Test Bed

DART has a two-year experimental authorization for coverage of Alaska with DRM signals in three of the lower shortwave bands around 5, 7 and 9 MHz. How much power it will take to accomplish that is unknown and something DART and the DRM Consortium hope to learn during testing.