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DTS to Release New Audio Codec

Consumer audio system developer signing up manufacturers

DTS, the developer of the DTS consumer audio reproduction system technology, has announced that it will release DTS:X, a new codec, in March.

Though not a player in the broadcast audio world, DTS does have a stake in consumer entertainment, notably in home theater audio technology.

The company calls DTS:X its “next-generation object-based codec technology.” A release says that, “Manufacturers representing nearly 90% of the home AV receiver and surround processor market, including Anthem, Denon, Integra, Krell, Marantz, McIntosh, Onkyo, Outlaw Audio, Pioneer, Steinway Lyngdorf, Theta Digital, Trinnov Audio and Yamaha, have agreed to launch products supporting DTS:X in 2015.” In addition, it mentioned chip makers Analog Device, Cirrus Logic and Texas Instruments as supportive.