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DTV Tuner Requirement OK, Court Says

DTV Tuner Requirement OK, Court Says

This story doesn’t have to do with radio – unless you believe that the digital TV rollout is a model for what might happen in radio someday.
A federal appeals court has affirmed an FCC order requiring an over-the-air DTV tuner in all new
television sets, the NAB said.
“The court rejected the arguments raised by CEA that the FCC lacked the statutory authority to order the inclusion of DTV tuners and that its decision was not reasonable,” the NAB stated.
“NAB asked the FCC to take this action, and filed a brief and argued the case in support of the FCC decision.”
The association’s president, Eddie Fritts, called the ruling a “milestone” towards completing the DTV transition.
“Consumers buying TV sets will know that the receivers they buy will continue to receive all broadcast signals, even as broadcasting changes to digital.”