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Dutch FMs Back On-Air

Stations affected by fires resume operations at lower power

FM stations in the Netherlands affected by a tower fire and collapse on Friday are back on the air at reduced power.

Radio Netherlands says the tower at the Lopik transmission site is operational but at low power because what caused the fire remains unknown.

The fire damage inside the tower is considerable, Broadcast Partners Director Robert-Jan Van der Hoeven told RTV Utrecht; repairs are going slowly to allow for a complete inspection.

Dutch Public Broadcasting wants the government to investigate what caused the fire, and the broadcaster will also look into, it said.

They’re looking into whether overheated cables caused the fires. Two separate fires took out two radio-TV towers on Friday, disabling transmissions from Lopik/IJsselstein and partially collapsing the mast at Hoogersmilde.

Both masts were undergoing maintenance when the fires broke out, according to the broadcaster. No one was injured.

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