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Early Next-Gen Insignia HD Sales ‘Good’

IBiquity pleased with initial sales

IBiquity Digital is pleased with early sales for the next-generation Insignia HD, the NS-HD02.

The portable, HD Radio’s first to feature Artist Experience — which are images related to the station, its songs or ads — hit store shelves Oct. 24, according to iBiquity’s Steve Baldacci, who told Radio World that early sales of the new Insignia HD are good, without going into specifics.

The unit, which retails for $69.99, features a larger screen than its predecessor, at 2.4-inches, plus the ability to cache up to 15 minutes of live programming.

When transmitted by stations, the images make the receiver experience dynamic, promises iBiquity; when the listener tunes in a station, its logo pops up, branding the station with a graphic image. Once a song begins to play, the listener would see a pre-loaded image. Commercials can have related images as well.

The images can be synchronized with the audio, but they must be transmitted about 30 seconds or more in advance of that particular audio, so the receiver can store them for viewing. IBiquity is working with automation vendors on this issue as well as with Gracenote so stations can secure licenses for the album art.

While the NS-HD02 is backordered on Best Buy’s website, its brick-and-mortar stores seem well-stocked, according to the retailer, which estimates being able to offer more units online towards the end of this month to early next month.