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EAS Big Part Of WBOT Fines

EAS Big Part Of WBOT Fines

Radio One was considering its response in August to FCC fines totaling $21,500 at WBOT(FM), Boston. The bulk of the fines were for failing to install emergency alert system equipment and not having a public inspection file.
Radio One acknowledges it did not have operational EAS equipment when an FCC inspector came to the station. Radio One said factors beyond its control came into play. The company said the station had no EAS equipment when Radio One purchased the facility in late 1999, that it ordered the equipment but shipping was delayed, and it had difficulty hiring an engineer to install the equipment after its CE quit.
The commission said Radio One could have asked to extend its temporary operating authority pending repair or replacement of EAS equipment but did not; “Instead, WBOT simply operated in violation of the rule,” wrote FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief David Solomon in the forfeiture order.
“We do not find Radio One’s difficulty in hiring staff to install the equipment or the departure of its director of engineering to be circumstances warranting reduction or cancellation of the forfeiture.”
Radio One disputes the commission’s assertion that it had no public inspection file.