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EBU Adds Chief Digital Officer

Newly created position focuses on maximizing service

The European Broadcasting Union has appointed Torben Eriksen as its first chief digital officer to oversee the full spectrum of EBU digital strategies.

Eriksen is a former deputy director of Danish broadcaster DR and has held various management jobs during his three years at the EBU.

As CDO, Eriksen is tasked with creating a more uniform online face for the EBU to ensure members and customers receive consistent service and standard of quality.

“Technological innovation is at the core of our services, leading us to innovate new ways to interact with our members and customers,” Eriksen said. “These changes are not IT changes; they are business changes. It requires business attention and business oversight to make this happen in a consistent way across all our digital channels.”

Eriksen will also explore how to maximize engagement and pursue integrated solutions. He will analyze the organization’s current digital strategies and available tools to enable better future service.