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EBU Condemns Swedish Government for DAB+ Delay

European Broadcasting Union joins Swedish Radio in criticizing country’s digital decision

Swedish Culture and Democracy Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke’s announcement in June that Sweden would be postponing its transition to digital radio was met with criticism from Swedish Radio.

The European Broadcasting Union has now offered its opinion of Kuhnke’s decision, and they are siding with Director General of Swedish Radio, and EBU member, Cilla Benkö, who says this decision could lead to Sweden losing its status as a European leader of radio broadcasting.

“Digital terrestrial radio is the future of our medium,” said Jean Philip De Tender, EBU director of media, who also claimed the Minister’s decision to be shortsighted. “By extending the coverage of DAB+, we are meeting the needs of our listeners with the additional benefits of digital terrestrial radio.”

There are currently more than 400 DAB+ services available to listeners across all of Europe, including Sweden.