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EBU Offers Tools for Hybrid Radio

Easy implementation of RadioDNS modules

At IBC2011, the EBU Technical Department is showing several simple new tools that allow stations implement RadioDNS and hybrid radio.

With hybrid radio, IP and over-the-air broadcasts are bridged to deliver additional information to radio listeners. For example, using RadioVIS, a station can deliver images via IP alongside FM-delivered audio to listeners with a receiver that implements the RadioDNS protocol.

The open-source EBU Content Manager tool can handle the dynamic changing of text and images. It can be used alongside existing production platforms, and a webplayer for RadioVIS images is also available.

EBU members can use the EBU RadioDNS manager to register their station with the RadioDNS domain same server. It is designed for stations looking to start testing and experimenting with the static RadioVIS images and with RadioEPG program guides.

Non-EBU members can contact the RadioDNS project directly to register.

RadioDNS Outlines 2011 Goals