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EBU Promotes Euro-Chip

Device designed to facilitate digital radio listening

In effort to further promote digital radio, the European Broadcasting Union is pushing to have all new radios and mobile devices manufactured with the Euro-Chip.

This addition is designed to offer practical, interoperable and future-proof radio reception. Integrating both analog (FM) and digital (DAB/DAB+/DMB) transmission standards, the EBU says the Euro-Chip will help audiences access radio broadcast services with increased flexibility and can help develop new business models to make radio part of the digital economy.

The Euro-Chip is designed to facilitate the transition from analog to digital because, while radio-only receivers are increasingly replaced by devices like tablets and smart phones, radio continues to be popular.

Radio remains a hugely popular media in Europe. The EBU declaration sends a clear signal for the benefit of broadcasters, manufacturers and above all, consumers across Europe: digital radio is more than simple technological progress. It is a means of enhancing the editorial tools available to broadcasters.

The combination of digital audio with texts, visuals and data will foster cross-media extensions and hybrid transmission technologies, offering an improved listening experience and promoting new business models.

Additional benefits include, the ability to reduce pressure on mobile broadband networks while making use of spectrum allocations for digital and analog radio.

These and other hybrid radio services will foster new business models and innovate audience involvement. Also, the Euro-Chip is hoped to increase road safety by simplifying the delivery of real-time, language-independent traffic information.