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EBU to Turkey: “Respect Freedom of Expression”

European Broadcasting Union’s message comes after Turkey shuts down media outlets

The European Broadcasting Union said in a statement that it is calling on Turkey to respect freedom of expression and the freedom of the media after the country shutdown loads of media outlets on July 27.

Turkey’s post failed coup crackdown dissolved three news agencies, 15 magazines, 45 newspapers, 29 publishers, 16 television stations and 23 radio stations.

The EBU also condemns the arrest of 89 journalists and its intimidation toward local and international reporters covering the aftermath of the failed coup.

In the official EBU condemnation, its Director General, Ingrid Deltenre said, “We believe the right to freedom of expression and information takes precedence over political or economic interests, and the Turkish government has a duty to ensure and protect this fundamental cornerstone of democracy.”