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EBU Webcast Focuses on Afghan Musicians

EuroRadio2See platform demonstrates musical heritage

The European Broadcasting Union’s music video exchange platform EuroRadio2See broadcast a concert of Afghan and German musicians on Aug. 27.

The concert was streamed from the platform by 16 public service broadcasters. This event was the first live webcast of traditional music from the country, which is especially significant because many musicians fled to avoid persecution during the rule of the Taliban. However, some have now returned to the Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

“We have the chance to share and support this vision, and express respect for those who want to ensure their musical heritage exists for the next generation,” said RBB Kulturradio journalist and music producer Johannes Theurer.

The Afghan musicians performed with Safar, a trio of German jazz musicians from Weimar’s Franz Liszt University for Music, as part of the Aga Khan Music Initiative. The concert featured Ustad Amruddin, a musician from the pre-Taliban era who has returned to the country to pass on his knowledge who performs the dilruba, a stringed instrument played with a bow.

“With the support of RBB Kulturradio (Germany), EuroRadio2See enabled EBU members to provide their audiences with an exceptional experience, proof that Afghanistan’s musical heritage lives,” said EuroRadio Project Manager Laurent Marceau.