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Edison Media: People Do Listen to AM/FM

Share of Ear study detailed

Edison Media’s Larry Rosin says it’s a myth that people, especially young people, are turning away from AM/FM radio. Detailing the company’s Share of Ear survey at the RAIN conference in advance of the radio show, Rosin cited statistics from the 2,096-respondent survey.

Participants told researchers whether they listened to AM/FM, satellite or Internet audio, their own music or podcasts. On average, people said they consumed about four hours of audio a day, according to Rosin.

Broadcast radio accounted for just over half (52.1%), followed by owned music (20.3%), then Internet audio (11.6%), with TV music channels and podcasts bringing up the rear.

Continuing the podcast discussion, radio entrepreneur Norm Pattiz, who’s now the CEO of Podcast One said podcasting is not threatening traditional radio. Rather “on-demand is the savior of radio.”

There’s “no sex appeal in radio anymore,” he declared, asking rhetorically: “When was the last time a national radio personality was created on our platform?”