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Edison Media Research Seeks Young Radio Talent

Edison Media Research Seeks Young Radio Talent

Do you know someone who is under the age of 30, employed in any radio capacity and with exceptional achievements?
Edison Media Research wants their name. In response to the lack of young people pursuing a career in radio, it says, it is holding a talent search for “30 Under 30” — 30 young broadcasters who are making a name for themselves in the industry.
“Radio was once an industry that allowed for astonishing advancement at tender ages,” said Edison’s Tom Webster. “Today, it has gotten vastly harder to cite cases of ‘young blood’ who have advanced within our industry. Radio’s managers have story after story about the 15-year-old who would rather work at Pizza Hut because it pays more. Gaming and technology hold the sway over an 18-year-old that radio used to.”
Edison says it also wants to find radio talents who are working in satellite and Internet radio.
Results will be revealed in February, at which time Edison will bring the winners together at a 2007 event and publish the results of the meeting.