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Eimac Promotes Power Tetrode for FM

Eimac Promotes Power Tetrode for FM

Eimac is promoting a new ceramic/metal power tetrode, the 4CX20,000E, for use as a final power amplifier in FM broadcast transmitters.
It has an internal mechanical structure that the company says results in high RF operating efficiency and high power gain. Low RF losses structure permit operation at ratings up to 110 MHz.
The tube provides up to 20 dB gain in FM broadcast service with over 35 kW output, and has been tested at over 40 kW output, according to the company. The anode is rated for 20 kW of dissipation with forced-air cooling and has an efficient compact cooler using a ripple-fin design.
Eimac is a division of CPI Wireless Solutions, a producer of IOTs for TV as well as triodes, tetrodes and Pentodes for radio and other applications.