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Eisner Flap Likely to Continue

Eisner Flap Likely to Continue

It’s unlikely that the ruckus at Disney, parent company to ABC, will be settled fully any time soon.
As Reuters reported Thursday on, the ouster of Michael Eisner as chairman of Walt Disney Co. is unlikely to quiet his critics. Eisner remains as CEO despite a high number of no-confidence votes against him this week.
“I can’t imagine a CEO who gets 43% of shareholder votes against him is still in his role the morning after,” said Fulcrum Global Partners analyst Richard Greenfield in the Reuters article. “You would think there would have been some discussion about removing him from the company all together.”
Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell becomes chairman; he received a 24 percent no-confidence vote. Eisner opponents were critical of Mitchell as well.
Still up in the air is what will happen next in Comcast’s attempt to take over Disney; but some analysts do not expect it to raise its bid and said that unless it does so, the deal probably will fall through.