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Elenos Sells Transmitters to Tejas, Others

New customers try out Indium series

Elenos recently sold four Indium transmitters to stations in Michigan, Texas and Virginia.

WGRQ(FM) in Fredericksburg, Va., has installed a new Elenos 5 kW transmitter to use as its main transmitter. A first time Elenos customer, the station purchased the ETG 5000, Indium series as part of a move to a new site in order to take advantage of energy efficiency, according to the station’s General Manager Tom Cooper.

WBMI(FM) in West Branch, Mich., just purchased a new Elenos transmitter, also to be used as its main transmitter. First time customers, the station said it selected a 1 kW Elenos Indium ETG 1000 because it was recommended to them by Ed Czelada, president and technical director of the Smile FM network, who told WBMI that he is saving about 30% in his electric costs by using an Elenos ETG 1000 in lieu of tube transmitters.

Tejas Broadcasting in Amarillo, Texas, has purchased a new Elenos 2 kW ETG 2000, Indium series. The company’s Corpus Christi, Texas location also chose the same model. The company said it is using them as emergency transmitters because their small size makes them very portable, allowing the transmitters to be shipped to stations as needed. 

“We can run these at 900 watt on 117 volt, so if there is no socket for 230 volt, these will still get us on-air via an extension cord in an extreme case,” said Mark Earle of Tejas Broadcasting Corpus Christi, citing this power flexibility as convenient.