E-Mail Marketing Still Seen as Growth Channel

$2 billion a year will be spent on e-mail marketing by 2012, one research firm believes.
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$2 billion a year will be spent on e-mail marketing by 2012, one research firm believes.

JupiterResearch said e-mail marketing spending will grow from $1.2 billion in 2007.

“Spending on retention e-mail will more than double during that period and account for over half of total e-mail marketing spending in 2012. Acquisition e-mail marketing will grow more somewhat more slowly, with most spending in that category going toward sponsorship (for example, ad-supported newsletters).”

In its report, the company also said that while spam volume will continue to rise, the amount reaching consumers will remain more level, thanks to efforts by ISPs.

The company anticipates better opportunities for e-mail marketing, “although marketers will have to work harder to remain relevant in their communications with their intended audiences.” It said marketers will embrace more targeted e-mail tactics and rely more on enhanced e-mail application features and strategic services.


E-mail Portability Petition

Mitchell Lazarus, writing at the Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth PLC ComLaw Blog, raises some interesting questions that flow from a petition before the FCC to ensure the portability of e-mail addresses.

How to Build Your E-Mail List

As the need to grow cash flow and suppress expenses grows, stations continue to slice outside marketing budgets. Most of the major broadcast companies cut marketing expenses in third and fourth quarters. Stations are then required to do the next year's budget based on actual expenses and zero growth...Where does this lead us for now? We proactively must consider less expensive methods of marketing ourselves.