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EMF Upgrades Wegener Network

Part of VSAT launch is switch to DVB-S2 modulation.

Wegener Corp. took an order for 600 DVB-S2 tuner cards from the Educational Media Foundation.

The hardware will be used to upgrade existing Wegener Unity 4600 satellite receivers. EMF operates the K-Love and Air 1 radio networks.

Educational Media Foundation uses deploys Unity 4600 satellite receivers, iPump 6400 and iPump 6420 media servers for live and file-based radio broadcasts. A central operation hub uses the COMPEL network control and MediaPlan Content Management systems to control, schedule and distribute targeted programming, promotions and advertising content.

“Educational Media Foundation had been using a terrestrial connection to monitor Wegener satellite receivers and media players,” the manufacturer said. “The company plans to eliminate that terrestrial link by launching a VSAT low-data wide area network that will be used for transmit and back haul operations between affiliates and Educational Media Foundation’s central operation hub.”

As part of that VSAT launch, Educational Media Foundation is switching its satellite network to DVB-S2 modulation.

“DVB-S2 modulation is a newer, standards-based, satellite modulation scheme offering significant performance gains over DVB-S modulation,” Wegener continued. “The company expects to achieve approximately 20-30% in operational cost savings.”