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Emmis: NextRadio App Is ‘Sticky’

More than 5,500 stations have been tuned to, according to its blog

How sticky is the NextRadio app?

The Emmis NextRadio team says in their latest blog they’re looking into listening habits to the app over time. What they term “stickiness” is a measure of what percentage of people who had their first listening session within a given week returned to have another listening session within the next 30 days. The smartphone app facilitates listening to local FM over-the-air broadcasts via equipped smartphones, and adds interactivity features; proponents hope it will help expand radio’s presence and revenue model in the smartphone environment.

NextRadio said that of people who had their first listening session in a given week, 32% returned for another session within 30 days. So 32% of active users remained active 30 days later.

“The jury still seems to be out on what’s average, good or bad,” wrote NextRadio, adding it has a benchmark to improve.

In the meantime, Emmis segmented app users into two groups to learn more. Group A were users who had spent a significant listening session on a station providing full data delivery (album art, metadata and interactivity) and Group B were users who also had significant listening sessions but only on non-participating stations or those only delivering a logo.

The average user retention rate for those who have had the full NextRadio experience was 10% higher, according to Emmis. “Our data also shows that not only were more full experience users still active 30 days later, but they had 32% more listening sessions and 25% longer sessions when they tuned into the app.”

One last interesting note: Of the people who have opened and used the app at least once, if they’ve spent as little as five minutes listening to a station, the average 30-day user retention rate makes a 40% jump (from 13% to 55%), says Emmis.

At last count, there have been 83,000 downloads from the NextRadio app and approximately 5,500 stations have been tuned to, according to the organization.