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Emmis Showcases More HD2 Formats for Austin

Emmis Showcases More HD2 Formats for Austin
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Emmis Communications Corporation unveiled its next wave of HD2 formats in Austin.
The radio group will roll out these multicast channels in the coming months.
KBPA-FM (BOB-FM) will air a smooth jazz channel on its secondary signal, KDHT-FM (HOT 93.3) will broadcast an "Old Skool" hip-hop channel, KLBJ-FM will air an Austin blues channel, KGSR-FM listeners will enjoy a "Deep, Deep Tracks" channel, and KROX (101X) will play hard rock and metal on its HD2 channel.
In January 2006, Emmis announced formats for its secondary HD channels in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Indianapolis. In April, the company announced HD2 formats in St. Louis.


HD2 Format Selection Eased

Some radio groups supported HD-R but shied from joining the alliance in 2005 because they didn’t like the HD2 format selection process. Now those rules are easing.

Emmis Buys Historic Austin Cluster

When Emmis Communications spent $105 million to buy six Austin, Texas, radio stations on March 3, Wall Street didn't exactly stand up and applaud the deal. Emmis stock took a pretty hard hit, dropping $2.50 to $17.29 the day the deal was announced...But Emmis was undaunted by the rough reception.