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Emmis: Sprint Releasing New Smartphone With NextRadio App Friday

Company says that the NextRadio FM app has an 85% retention rate

The NextRadio FM app has an 85% retention rate and Sprint plans to release another smartphone this Friday, Oct. 4, that has the app preloaded.

That’s according to Emmis, which cites mobile ad technology company Flurry as saying the average app retention rate by a consumer is less than 50%. Consumers are “downloading, listening and coming back for more,” the broadcaster says in a new blog post.

Sprint has said the company intends to include the NextRadio App on its entire product line. Right now, the app is preloaded on new Sprint HTC One smartphones and available for download on other HTC models.

However, Sprint is launching a new phone Friday with the NextRadio App preloaded — the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Updating figures Emmis SVP/CTO Paul Brenner discussed at the Radio Show, the broadcaster now says consumers have conducted more than 30,000 downloads from their NextRadio App and tuned to nearly 3,700 stations from it.

Emmis is noticing a trend from the listening data its seeing from the app. “When comparing average listening duration between stations delivering full data through TagStation (album art, enhanced promos, etc.), stations with free logo service through TagStation (station branding only) and stations not participating in either service (audio is available with no branding or data), what is taking shape is astounding,” according to Emmis. “The average listening time for stations delivering enhanced data is more than twice the average listening time for logo only stations. The nonparticipating stations’ average listening was less than half that of the free logo stations.”

The trend confirms the notion that people will be more engaged by the enhanced listening experience on the app, says Emmis. “What was only a projection before, now has real data to back it up.”