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ENCO Debuts PADapult, Ships DAD with Surround

ENCO Debuts PADapult, Ships DAD with Surround

ENCO is getting deeper into PAD. It now offers a product for broadcasters to get program-associated data out via HD Radio transmissions.
PAD gives stations capabilities similar to satellite radio services, such as text scrolls across areceiver’s LCD panel and song and artist information and station ID as standard content. PAD can include traffic and weather updates or other information the station provides, including commercials.
The company says PADapult enables broadcasters to encode and transmit PAD data on the fly and is suitable for live news/talk and sports formats where standard data may not be available from audio libraries.
It also is suitable for broadcasters who play CDs from traditional devices and wish to create and send PAD data to an HD Radio audience.
PADapult is sold as an add-on module for DAD users or as a standalone version for users without DAD systems.
Also, ENCO says its DAD and DADtv systems are shipping with integrated multichannel sound, configured as either 5.1 or 7.1.
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