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ENCO Moves

ENCO Moves

ENCO Systems Inc. employees have moved into a new office and manufacturing plant in Southfield, Michigan.
The new building is located a few miles away from the former ENCO Systems building in Farmington Hills, part of the Metro Detroit area. The new building features nearly twice the 13,000 square footage of the former facility. Besides additional space for manufacturing, testing and research and development, the new building allows an enhanced Digital Audio Delivery School area for training current and future DADpro32 users.
Gene Novacek, President of ENCO Systems said, “The bigger this company gets, the tougher the moves become. This is the third time in five years we’ve essentially doubled our square footage. “It took us a few months longer to complete the renovations than we had expected, but we think it will be worth it, both for us and our base of customers.”
ENCO’s new address is 29444 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48034. ENCO’s toll-free phone number remains unchanged at 800-362-6797, but the business line is now 248-827-4440 and fax is now 248-827-4441.