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Enco Releases Phone Editor

Enco Releases Phone Editor

The Qed, from ENCO Systems Inc., is a PC-based, phone call editor that operates on Windows 2000, networkable, mini-tower workstation. The unit features a Digigram professional DSP board, jog/shuttle control surface and the Qed software. The system lists for $4,995.
Gene Novacek, president of ENCO Systems said, “We created Qed to satisfy the requests we had from many of our DADpro32 customers for a non-Mac, WAV file based, fast, easy to use phone call editor, networkable to automation systems. And, since Qed is CartChunk compliant, its files are immediately useable in any other CartChunk compliant application.”
The system has balanced analog and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs and it supports an optional touch screen interface.
For more information contact ENCO Systems Inc. in Michigan at (800) 362-6797, fax (248) 827-4441 or visit the Web site at