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ENCO System Alerts Listeners to Favorite Songs

ENCO System Alerts Listeners to Favorite Songs

EnterActive Radio from ENCO Systems will be shown at the spring NAB. It uses technology from an Icelandic company that won a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award last year.
The system allows listeners “to vote for or against songs, perform searches within the station’s inventory, purchase music, critique songs and commercials (and) chat with other listeners.”
Notably, the listener can request that a text message be sent to their mobile phone, indicating when a favorite song is about to play. Dedications can be sent to others as text messages as well.
“This fulfills the increasing demand from radio stations for value-added services and new ways of allowing their listeners to get and stay more involved,” ENCO stated.
The system can be implemented in conjunction with or without streaming media. “Stations can have a sophisticated Web and mobile presence that ensures dedicated listeners and valuable feedback.”
EnterActive Radio was developed in cooperation with Gangverk and uses its Mayo Radio technology, which won a “Cool Stuff” Award in 2002. Gangverk is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland. For an online demo: Info:

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