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ENCO System Ships to Iraq

ENCO System Ships to Iraq

ENCO Systems has shipped a large DADpro32 audio management system to Iraq as part of the Iraq Media Network; the order was funded by the U.S. government and administered and installed by Harris Corp.
This is part of a $100 million contract to Harris from the federal government. ENCO declined to state the value of its part of the contract.
The ENCO portion consists of 12 news bureaus across Iraq, three regional hubs and a central headquarters system in Baghdad.
“Due to the tight timeline involved in the project, ENCO was required to build, ship and configure nearly 60 workstations and file servers in less than 30 days,” said ENCO VP of Sales & Marketing Don Backus. “The systems are being installed by Harris-employed contractors in Iraq.
“The system is largely intended to provide automated playout of satellite delivered programming from Baghdad with the ability for each of the news bureaus to also provide local newscasts and material as well as automatically upload material to the head-end or to any of the three Regional Hubs,” he said. “The actual system design came from Harris with configuration assistance provided by ENCO. Like all versions of DADpro32, the system delivered to Iraq is capable of supporting localized language fonts and characters.”
The system includes 46 workstations and 19 file servers.