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ENCO Systems Supports HD Radio Data Standards

ENCO Systems Supports HD Radio Data Standards

ENCO Systems Inc. says its DADpro32 Digital Audio Delivery System supports the wireless data standards for HD Radio. The standards, known as the Main Program Service Data Specification, were jointly developed by Ibiquity Digital Corp. and its industry partners, including ENCO Systems.
The MPS specification is based on the accepted ID3 V.2 standard, already widely deployed. ENCO Systems first showed a compliant version of DADpro32 at last year’s CES, based on the preliminary protocol specification. The MPS identifies how certain data elements, like song title, artist and CD name is to be structured to ensure synchronized transmission and reception using the HD Radio digital radio system.
Gene Novacek, President of ENCO Systems said, “It should be no surprise that the first two radio stations to begin broadcasting HD Radio on a non-test basis, were both DADpro32 users. Buckley Broadcasting’s WOR on New York and Susquehanna’s WYGY in Cincinnati were the first AM and first FM stations to go on line with HD Radio on a non-test basis. We’re proud to be part of the revolution!”
On Jan. 8, Ibiquity will hold its 4th HD Radio Wireless Data Conference at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas to coincide with CES. ENCO Systems President, Eugene Novacek will be participating as a panelist at the event.

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