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ENCO Will Introduce a ‘Pro-active Filter’ for Obscenity Protection

ENCO Will Introduce a 'Pro-active Filter' for Obscenity Protection

ENCO Systems thinks it has a better mousetrap for indecency. It will use the upcoming NAB show to introduce a profanity delay product called Guardien, which it describes as an automated profanity elimination and spoken-word logging system for broadcast use. Retail price is $9,995.
President Gene Novacek made the announcement, stating, “Guardien adds high-end, speaker-independent speech recognition software to the traditional profanity delay.”
The technology is based on that used in the company’s enCaption closed captioning system for television.
“The broadcaster maintains two lists of words or phrases within Guardien. There’s one list for words to eliminate, and one list for words to log,” Novacek stated.
Guardien monitors the air feed using variable-length delay settings. When a word or phrase from either list is detected, Guardien can bleep/mute and/or log the event.
“The date/time logging is enhanced by storing a small piece of the actual audio for future reference,” he said. The company’s Don Backus said the unit does not put stations at the mercy of a single individual with their finger poised on a Dump button.
The unit occupies two rack units. Features include stereo balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs, as well as contact closures.