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Energy-Onix Announces 80-Station Conversion to FMeXtra

Energy-Onix Announces 80-Station Conversion to FMeXtra

While HD Radio has been getting the marketing attention and big-name groups, other approaches to digital radio have their proponents. One has won a commitment that will put it on 80 FM stations this year.
The “Idea Bank,” a consortium of broadcasters, has selected the FMeXtra digital subcarrier system as part of its digital radio strategy, according to Energy-Onix, which represents the Digital Radio Express system.
The Idea Bank represents approximately 500 radio stations and meets twice a year to discuss issues that affect the future of radio. This week at its Atlanta meeting, the group decided to start by converting 80 stations this year, said Energy-Onix President Bernard Wise.
The DRE system digitizes FM subcarriers; proponents say it enables an FM station to transmit multiple digital programs affordably, using existing equipment.
WREC(FM) in Atlanta demo’ed FMeXtra broadcasting with two digital channels of stereo audio broadcasting simultaneously with the primary stereo analog channel and RDS.
Production receivers will be available by the end of Q2.